Programme theses

Michal Stehlík – The University, it’s us.

Management of the University

I see the position of the Rector of the University as that of a team leader, not as an omniscient micro-manager. What is important is a participative environment, respect for the competences of colleagues, creating space for discussion and finding a common path. On the one hand, I consider it absolutely crucial to clearly define a strategy and, on the other hand, to communicate intensively about how to implement it.

Stable economy and development

We expect a more difficult budgetary period in the coming years. Let us be proactive towards public resources, let us not shy away from non-public resources, subject to strict ethical standards, and let us strengthen the University’s project potential. Budgetary stability also lies in the internal redistribution of funds at the University. In this respect, I do not plan a major “wobble” of the principles of internal reallocation of resources in the near future.


Education is the very essence of the existence and life of the University. For the next four years I see several important priorities in which the University should take concrete steps, whether it concerns the use of the pandemic experience, the introduction of evaluation and feedback in the field of teaching, the promotion and coordination of inter-faculty educational activities and, last but not least, of course, the necessary transformation of the Student Information System.


High-quality research that is nationally leading and internationally competitive is a prerequisite for developing the potential of students and scientists. Excellent science is a key element in attracting talent from abroad and in attracting back our own graduates who have gained experience at top international institutions. I do not want to abandon the science assessment system, but I will work to address the relevant issues identified in the assessment that has just taken place.

Third role

My vision is Charles University entering the public space in a credible, professional and respected way, influencing it, co-creating it. But at the same time, it is not some self-evident quality that does not need to be cultivated and developed. If we are to live up to the values and theses embedded in our statute, we must defend these values of openness, democracy, humanity and free access to education loudly.

Student enviroment

The University is not just a simple educational and research institution, we are a community, which involves much more than just coexisting in one institution. As Rector, I am ready to support student activities as well as leisure creativity, but above all in a transparent way with predefined parameters and priorities. My big priority is to develop clear conceptual material on how to change the current unsustainable situation of the Halls of Residence and Canteens.


At a time of fundamental climate change, our university must be environmentally responsible. Charles University is committed to Sustainable Development Goals and should live up to its commitments, if not be an example to other institutions and individuals in environmental matters. To achieve these changes, I will prepare a sustainable development with clear concrete procedures.