About me

Prof. PhDr. Michal Stehlík, Ph.D.

  • Born 1976 in Třebíč, married, eight children
  • Study: history-slovak studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University
  • Specialization: professor of Czech history with a focus on modern history (especially the topics of anti-communist resistance and resistance movement, popularization of history)
  • International experience: research fellowship at New York University, member of the COURAGE project (Horizon2020)
  • Management experience: dean of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University (2006-2014)
  • Organizational experience: deputy director general of the National Museum (large projects and investments)
  • Other experiences: member of RVVI (Humanities and Arts) panel and NAÚ committee
  • Local patriot from Vysočina
  • Born in Třebíč, raised in Dačice, from 2002 working in Prague
  • Enthusiastic amateur actor and football player in youth
  • Now an admirer of my wife Lucie with whom we are raising eight children, five daughters and three sons
  • Recently, we expanded our ranks with the dog Barča