May 17, 2013
The project of the permanent exhibition at the Vysočina Museum in Třebíč explores the complete renovation of the Třebíč château, immediately adjacent to the UNESCO-listed St Procopius Basilica. The exhibition will consist of four parts. The first one will cover the world ofinorganic nature, focusing primarily on exceptional deposits of Moravian moldavites. The second section entitled “The World of Portals and Gates” follows the church and monastery tradition of the site, presenting the history of the monastery and the Třebíč based Benedictine and Capuchin orders. The third section comprises the classic château exhibition “Waldstein Family in Třebíč“ that looks back on the history of the noble family of Waldstein-Wartenberg in the 19th and 20th century. The fourth part is an exhibition called “People. Places. Fortunes” that uses certain “roles” to document faith, creative activity, architecture, literature, art as well as to provide a depiction of war events and everyday life of the working class in the course of several centuries. A separate section will be dedicated to oriental collections and natural history of the Vysočina region. I have been working on the project since 2009 as the chief curator, its completion – opening – is envisaged in autumn 2013.
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