May 17, 2013
The future “Roma Holocaust Memorial” is to be built on the site of a former Roma concentration camp in Hodonín, Kunštát district. In this camp, Roma families from Moravia were interned in the years 1942–1943 and subsequently moved to extermination camps. In addition, the place is also associated with a previously existing labour camp and a subsequently existing camp for over-aged Germans “unfit for displacement” and a forced labour camp in early 1950s. The main theme of the entire memorial and the newly built exhibition is primarily the phenomenon of “exclusion” from the society –for social, racial, ethnic and class reasons. The central topic will naturally be the Roma holocaust as an omitted chapter in Czech history. I have been working on the project since 2012 as the chief curator, its completion –opening – is envisaged in 2016.
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