about me shears
Patriot Historian Teacher Curator Naive supporter of FC Slavia Prague
I´m a Patriot. Born in Třebíč, live in Dačice and Prague, writing history of region, state and Europe.
My primary fields of interest are modern Czech and Slovak history, the history of central Europe in the 20th century, ethnic politics, political processes of the 1950s, collectivization, and the development of churches and their relation the the state after the year 1945.
As a lecturer I am involved at the Institute of Czech History and the Department of Central European Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. My lectures focus mainly on the history of Czechoslovakia after 1948 and the role of history in public affairs.
In the past I worked both in a small local museum in Dačice and actually in the National Museum. A last project was an exhibition Masaryk as a Phenomenon. What I enjoy most about this work is the possibility to convey particular topics openly to the public.
As professor Jan Kuklík once put it, being a Slavia Praha fan is a life-long run of masochism. Although the football club try hard to fulfill this pun for the benefit of their fans, there is no other way. A family tradition is a family tradition.
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